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Williams Elementary School

Let's Get Registered to Audition!


Collect all of the information you will need to complete your registration.

Download the registration guide to see everything you will need. 


Complete the required registration form by selecting your audition date, providing the required information, identifying any rehearsal conflicts, and paying the $250 registration.*  

*Please contact for financial assistance, if needed, prior to beginning registration. You will need a financial assistance code to complete your registration. 


Join the Families Facebook Group!


This is where you can get notified of important announcements and be able to ask any questions you have for the group.


It's Time To Audition! 

Prepare your audition materials, show up at your selected time, check in, and get ready for fun! 

All Kids Who Audition Will Be Cast!

Helpful Documents


All kids who audition will be casted into a role


We have some sad, but also exciting, news to share with you. Unfortunately we did not reach the required registration numbers for our fall production of Willy Wonka Jr. 


But, we believe in little surprises around every corner, and we were so inspired by all of the music makers and dreamers of dreams of all ages that signed up that we have worked with our partners at West Valley Youth Theater to come up with a fabulous alternative for our Williams community.  We believe this new option will be more accessible to our busy families and provides even more opportunities for performers from all grade levels to be involved in the performing arts and will serve as a great stepping show to a full production next fall. 

Pure Imagination is a brand-new musical revue featuring songs from Broadway Junior musicals based on adored titles like Willy Wonka Jr, Seussical and Shrek to Disney favorites like Beauty and the Beast and Frozen, Pure Imagination offers a fun introduction to song, dance, and acting for kids of all ages.


  • Your kids will still have the opportunity to work with the entire creative staff who was slated for Willy Wonka Jr. including Broadway-veteran Heather Stokes. But, the schedule is lighter making it more accessible to some of our busy families. 

  • They will have the opportunity to match some of their favorite songs to dance and acting instruction.

  • They'll get to perform on a big stage, under the lights.

  • They'll get the opportunity to perform in stage makeup and light costumes.

  • They'll get to learn the basics of musical theater.


  • Rehearsals will be limited to one day a week (Friday) until the final week before the performances. We have included an updated production conflict calendar above. 

  • Auditions will be streamlined to just one day (September 15). If you are unable to attend that day, please let us know so we can offer alternatives.

  • Family volunteer requirements will be reduced to 10 hours.

  • The registration fee will be reduced to $250.

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