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Why Your Help Matters

Support from our community has historically not only been appreciated, but critical to continuing to provide high-quality educational programs that provide Bay Area youth access to the performing arts.

Together, as children emerge from a pandemic, we can ensure they will have a supportive community focused on engaging their creative and social wellbeing.

Individual Gifts

West Valley Youth Theater is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit committed to supporting local youth. 


Every donation we receive goes toward forwarding our mission to ensure children gain access to an accepting environment where children can express themselves in the arts and receive a holistic education in all elements of a theatric production. 

Help us continue to deliver accessible arts education. 


Institutional Giving

Support from foundations, government agencies and corporations play an important role in our ability to sustain the quality of the programs we offer while ensuring those programs remain affordable to the families we serve.

In exchange, we are able to offer our valued partners with the opportunity to gain meaningful visibility with our audiences. Our sponsors gain access to a highly desirable demographic where they can cultivate clients and highlight their strong commitment to the arts and to the community through their support.

Please CONTACT US to learn about each of our potential customized ways you can help us bring the arts to local children.

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